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Curriculum, or lesson plans, is what we are doing, at any given moment during the day. It may be planned, or not. Sometimes it means taking the time to explore what has captured our interest. Many times this is where our ideas and activities come from. What do we know? What do we want to know? What did we learn?

Lesson plans must remain flexible to be able to adapt and follow the needs and interests of the children. This is especially important when working with a mixed age group. Topics or themes are developed over a week or two, sometimes longer. This allows the children time to explore and integrate the ideas into their work and play.

The following is a sample of things included in our curriculum:

Language to use – vocabulary, phrases

Songs, chants, finger plays

Books – to read, have out, and make

Sensory exploration – play dough, dried beans

Gross motor activities, creative movement, and yoga

Fine motor activities – squeezing play dough, cutting with scissors, stacking blocks

Games – matching, sorting, hide and seek

Pretend play – housekeeping and dramatic play

Outdoor play – backyard, neighborhood walks, playground

Health, safety – ways to emphasize staying healthy and safe

Anti-bias – ways to develop, understand and appreciate diversity